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Winter Sweedie Dreams

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Meet Jackson, this quarter’s inspiration for Sweedie Dreams. Jackson is 3 years old and full of life! Born a healthy appearing boy, when he was 5 months old he woke up one day vomiting to the extent of hospitalization and fighting for his life. The vomiting continued for a year and a half and to this day they do not know what caused the vomiting. Jackson has been in and out of the hospital since, and he takes medicine every hour or two to control his conditions. Since it all began, Jackson has developed 38 diagnosis, which are all secondary to the primary undiagnosed condition. The hope is to find the genetic mutation or gene eventually. Despite all the medical chaos, Jackson is a happy and spirited boy. He is a fighter and surpasses his challenges daily and keeps a good overall attitude in the midst of everything going on. You can read more about Jackson and his journey here:

Prenatal Partners for Life is a non-profit organization whose aim is to support, inform and encourage expectant parents with an adverse prenatal diagnosis and also support the parents in raising children with special needs after birth. The support comes in many different forms; monetary, resource guidance, emotional support, encouragement, and connecting families together with similar or same diagnosis. Prenatal Partners for Life has played a big role in Jackson’s and his mom’s life. As a single mom providing care 24/7 for Jackson meant a huge life style change. Prenatal Partners for Life has helped them tremendously over the years, helping get equipment needed for Jackson, providing monetary support, visiting in the hospital, bringing comforting meals, and just being there as a strong support pillar.

Please join us in supporting Prenatal Partners for Life, this quarter’s Sweedie Dreams organization. For every Bandana Bib you purchase during January, February and March, we will donate $1 to Prenatal Partners for Life. You can read more about Prenatal Partners for Life and all the great work they do at

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