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Fall Sweedie Dreams

Posted by Sandra Metoyer on

We received so many great nominations for our Fall Sweedie Dreams that we had a hard time choosing. After much thinking, we decided to go with the organization with the most nominations: Kulture City

Kulture City is a non-profit organization with the mission to create a world where all individuals with autism and their families are accepted and treated equally. Founded in 2013, Kulture City provides tangible help, fulfilling immediate needs for the children and their families. Currently they have nine different projects going, all with the same goal in mind: Remove the societal limitations placed on children with autism and instead help them achieve their full potential in life. Here’s a few of their current projects to give you an idea of what a great organization Kulture City is:

LifeBOKS provides life saving devices for children who are prone to wandering

Hero:KULTURE allows anybody to become an advocate for children with autism by starting their own campaign with its own mission, supported by Kulture City

Blanket:KULTURE provides free weighted blankets to children with autism throughout the United States

Heart:KULTURE organizes events for special needs families with the purpose of creating a sense of community for these families 

Please join us in supporting Kulture City, the Fall Sweedie Dreams organization. For every Bandana Bib you purchase during October, November and December, we will donate $1 to Kulture City. You can read more about Kulture City and all the great work they do at kulturecity.org

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