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May Sweedie Dreams

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As part of the May Sweedie Dreams, we are introducing the Rett Girl Bandana Bib!!! This beautiful purple print has been chosen by the Girl Power 2 Cure organization. Their mission is to raise awareness, support families and fund research in support of Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome is a debilitating neurological disorder that predominantly affects girls. The baby’s initial development is normal, but around age 1 developmental regression starts to occur. Most girls with Rett Syndrome cannot speak, walk or use their hands. Despite their physical disabilities, they are believed to be functioning mentally at a much higher level than previously thought. The disorder is caused by a single gene mutation that leads to underproduction of an important brain protein. Research has shown that once protein levels are back to normal levels, symptoms subside. This means that Rett Syndrome is potentially a reversible disorder!

Please join us in supporting Girl Power 2 Cure, the May Sweedie Dreams organization. For every Big Kid Bandana Bib you purchase during May, we will donate $1 to Girl Power to Cure. After May is up, we will continue to support Girl Power 2 Cure by donating $1 for every Rett Girl Bandana Bib we sell.

You can read more about Girl Power 2 Cure here:


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  • Is there any way to get one of these I really would like to get one for my niece but they’re sold out on their website

    tona Hand on

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