About Us

Sweedie Kids was created

out of passion for Scandinavian design and functional kid gear. Kids are fun, energetic and creative, so why shouldn’t that show through in what they wear? But it’s not all about fashion. It has to be functional too. Our products are just that - fun, trendy AND functional.


Meet the founders 

While we both grew up in Sweden, our paths didn’t cross until we both ended up “across the pond” in Austin, Texas. We quickly became close friends as we discovered we have much more in common than just our heritage: both married to handsome Americans, two young kids each, a knack for creating and sewing, and a love for fashion and design. So we put our creativity and talent together and Sweedie Kids was born. We’ve built Sweedie Kids to reflect our shared passions and values: affinity for the Scandinavian minimalistic design, appreciation of well-made, functional kid gear, and a belief that companies should try to make the world a better place.

Sandra & Therese


Sweedie Dreams

We care about giving, and we do that through Sweedie Dreams. When you purchase a Big Kid Bib, you are contributing to Sweedie Dreams because it's not just a product, it represents our passion for serving those with special needs. For each Big Kid Bib we sell, we give $1 to an organization tied to serving those with different abilities. Each month, with your help, we select a different one. Learn more about what organizations you can help support and how you can help us choose by visiting our Sweedie Dreams page.